An Introduction to Sanquhar Knitting


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Teacher: James Herbison

Welcome along on a virtual journey to Sanquhar, a town in the south of Scotland located next to the river Nith. The town is famous for having the oldest operating post office in the United Kingdom but also, and of more relevance to us, for a traditional style of knitting also called Sanquhar. Sanquhar knitting features two colours, worked in a grid like pattern with a series of motifs.

In this workshop you will receive an overview of the history of Sanquhar and the traditional style of knitting which takes the same name. We will delve into the various motifs and learn their names and meanings. You will also learn about Sanquhar Pattern Designs, an initiative with the goal of preserving and promoting this knitting tradition.

We will put what we have learned into practice by starting a small project which encompasses the characteristics of Sanquhar knitting. You will get to express your creativity by modifying the basic pattern so that each participant’s project will be unique to them.