Travel Costs

It might feel like a long way to come from the North Island to Dunedin but rest assured, the flights are quick and not too pricey. You’ll get the best deals if you book well ahead or watch for a grabaseat special.

Share and save

Share accommodation and you’ll save a lot. Get a twin share for you and a friend – your accommodation cost is instantly halved. Get a room that takes four people and save even more. It’s quite possible to have a nice hotel room for less than $100 a night if you are happy to share with friends.

Look at the Unwind Google Map to locate nearby accommodation options and find one at a cost that suits you.

To get into town from the airport we recommend catching a shuttle. You can book one ahead of time. Share with others to lower the cost:

If you are travelling to Unwind by car, consider reaching out to others for ride-sharing opportunities so you can split petrol costs.