Swap Shop

Fancy doing some shopping without spending money?

Then bring along some items to enter into our Swap Shop, you’ll get some Unwind Dollars in exchange and you can use that to “buy” from the pool that is created. Many of us have great items in our stash that we just might not use, swap them for something more inspiring and know that your original item will go home with an equally passionate crafter.

Drop off your items on the Friday Unwind begins and you’ll be given your Unwind Dollars. You can shop from Swap Shop straight away, but if you wait a while you’ll have a better choice. Swap Shop closes at noon on Saturday.

Items provided for swap do need to be of a good standard:

  • Commercial Yarn, Handspun and Fibre are all acceptable.
  • Items should be predominately natural fibres (sorry, those balls of “feather yarn” aren’t going to be accepted).
  • Items should carry original commercial labels and be in original commercial condition or, if they are handspun should be appropriately skeined and labeled with full information (weight, meterage, fibre content).
  • You get One Unwind dollar for every 50g. Unless your item contains a significant amount of luxury fibre or it is an Indie-dyed* product in which case you get one Unwind dollar per 25g. A significant quantity of luxury fibre is deemed to be 25% or more of silk, cashmere, yak, quivet, etc.
  • The staff manning Swap Shop have final say. They will determine the value of your item and price it accordingly. You may, of course, choose not to leave your item if you are unhappy with the price offered.
  • If you want something, buy it, otherwise it’s fair game to anyone else. Yes, something nicer may come to light later, that’s just the risk you take. Play nice, play fair.

*Indie-dyed: a hand-dyed product by an independent dyer – that is a smaller scale yarn company that is not connected to large brands. The yarn traders at Unwind are frequently indie-dyers.