Getting Around

All Unwind activities are in the one building. The Unwind venue is right in the centre of town and is within easy walking distance of cafes, restaurants, shops, etc. The Octagon area is very well serviced by buses, examine the Dunedin Bus Timetable to pick route suited to your destination. There are a number of Taxi services in Dunedin. There is a taxi stand in the Octagon.

The very centre of town is flat and easy to walk.

Taxi Companies:


Paid parking

There are parking lots and buildings within easy walking distance of the venue. Listed below are the nearest (click the name to see the location on Google Maps). 

There are additional Council parking buildings in the centre of town, you can see full details and rates here.

There are additional Wilsons Parking facilities in the CBD, you can see full details here.

There is street parking all around the venue, it’s metered and you won’t be able to park all day, just for an hour or two. You can see the rates for these parks here. Dunedin Council meters can be paid for using the PayMyPark app or credit card.

Free parking

There is free street parking available in some areas but this will require a walk (and that walk will likely be uphill at the end of the day). 

If you head uphill from the Octagon you’ll find free street parking about three blocks away. 

The star on the right of the image below is the venue. You’ll find street parking on Arthur Street and that end of Cargill Street and York Place. Anywhere along the hill at that height should have free parking, so you can drive the streets in that vicinity to find something. You’ll be about a ten minute walk from the venue. You could virtually “drive” these streets using Google Maps Street View, to get a feel for the area before you come to town.