Code of Conduct

Unwind is committed to being a welcoming, safe and respectful event. 

As a community event, delegates contribute much to the Unwind experience. Please participate in Unwind mindfully. Treat those you encounter with respect and care. Please be conscious that your words and your actions do not harm others.

If you witness any behaviour that concerns you during the course of the event, please contact us as soon as you are able.

If the conduct of an individual does not reflect the values of Unwind, the organisers will take action to ensure the safety of others. Organisers have the right to take whatever action they deem necessary to keep Unwind safe, including potentially expelling individuals from the event (without warning if the offence is significantly egregious).

Expected Conduct

  • Do interact respectfully, considerately, and with a sense of community. Your participation can enhance Unwind, please make this your goal.
  • Do not dehumanise anyone. Trans women are women, trans men are men. Someone’s sexuality, religion, race, ethnicity, disability, appearance, neurodiversity, etc. should in no way change the respect you afford them as people. Be kind, be respectful, act and speak with care. Don’t be a jerk.
  • Unwind is not the place for any attempt to recruit others into organisations, religions, or political ideologies you may be associated with. This is not to say that you cannot participate in discussion and express your opinions, but please do so in a entirely normal way and without pamphlets.
  • If you choose to drink and participate in Unwind, please do so responsibly.
  • Don’t do anything illegal, nor promote anything illegal.
  • If you are not a sponsor of Unwind, you have no business trying to sell or promote anything via the Unwind platform.
  • I repeat, don’t be a jerk.

Feedback is incredibly valuable, if you have any comment on your Unwind experience at any time, please make contact and relay your thoughts.