Design Competition

Unwind Design Competition


  • This competition is open to delegates of Unwind. You must have purchased a base registration to enter.
  • Design a pattern that uses New Zealand produced yarn. There is no restriction on yarn weight or quantity.
  • Your pattern can be an item of clothing or decorative, whatever you like.
  • Your pattern should be your own original work. It is perfectly acceptable to use well documented stitch patterns but the construction of your item should be your own original invention.

At Unwind:

  • Bring the model for your pattern to Unwind and display it (during the registration period on day one).
  • Accompany your displayed item with business cards giving a link to your original pattern on Ravelry (where it can be for sale or free download, the choice is yours).
  • Delegates of Unwind will vote for their favourite design.
  • The design most favoured wins.

Benefits for those who enter:

  • You get to show off your skills and challenge yourself.
  • You get exposure for your design.

Benefits to the rest of us:

  • New designs for yarn we can readily purchase.
  • A fostering of the creative talent in our midst.

Applicants need to declare their intention to enter by February 1st (this doesn’t mean you must provide an entry but it does give us an idea of numbers so we can arrange exhibition space for you). You may enter as many designs as you wish but please declare how many items you intend to enter.