Unwind is a private event, the general public does not have access. This weekend is for delegates only.

2018 prices shown below. 2019 will be similar, though there may be some small changes.

Registration for Unwind 2019 opens November 1st, 2018.

Base Registration ($100) includes:

  • Access to general retreat social and trading spaces all weekend.
  • A beautiful goody bag full of special gifts from our traders and including exclusive Unwind-only trader deals.
  • Free attendance to It’s in the Bag (tickets are limited, please reserve your spot when you register).
  • Free attendance to talks on Saturday and Sunday (tickets are limited, please reserve your spot when you register).
  • The right to enter the Unwind Design Competition 2018.
  • Access to Swap Shop.

Classes (3 hours):

In-depth, skill development. $60 each.

Classes (2 HOURS):

Practical, exploratory classes. $45 each.

Skill Shots (30 minutes):

Quick, one-skill sessions. $15 each.


Payment is accepted by PayPal, credit card or bank deposit.

Terms And Conditions

Please read the full terms and conditions before completing your registration.

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