Classes 2018


PraxisTeacher: Stella Lange
Suitable for: knitters comfortable with simple colour work knitting, and reading from charts.

Defined as the practical application of theory, Praxis provides the space to explore colour in knitting.

Each of us has a safe zone, colours we love and stick with, this class is designed so participants can explore the effects of using colour and push their personal boundaries without committing to a large project or to buying yarn.

Colour theory is helpful. Concepts of harmony, balance, and complimenting or contrasting colours are great. But sometimes we need stop theorising and just knit and see what happens. In this class we’ll explore the effect of different colours – what happens if you put a bright amongst the dulls, put a yellow amongst the greys, or an orange in the blues, and what happens when you shift the proportions?

This class is all about sampling and playing and sharing our outcomes with each other. We will explore with no risk to a finished project. The environment is social and sharing so that we may learn from the practice of all, not just from our own work.

Participants are encouraged to bring a supply of their favourite 4ply yarns, but more yarns will be provided so that your sample zone can be eased beyond your predictable colour range.

Continental Knitting

Teacher: Frances Stachl
Suitable for: any knitter.

Continental style sees the working yarn held in your left hand –  some knitters finds this faster, easier on their hands, and more intuitive.

In this class you will learn several variations of cast ons, and how to knit and purl in the Continental style. Norwegian purling and ribbing Continental will also be covered.

Now We Are Ten

Speaker: Morag McKenzie
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Vintage Purls is ten years old in 2018!

Come and hear the story of a little yarn business from birth to a decade old. The mistakes, the success, the changing landscape of yarn businesses in New Zealand and one woman’s experience of being her own boss.

Talks are free for delegates to attend but seats are limited so please make sure you book a ticket as part of your registration to gain entry.

Yarn Speed Dating

Teacher: Stella Lange
Suitable for: knitters who can cast on, knit, purl, and work simple charted lace or texture patterns.

Ever been paralysed by choice? Ever worried about going home with the wrong yarn for a project? We all know that feeling – it seems like there are just too many yarns, too many different fibre types and blends, and never enough time or money to play and discover your true loves.

Welcome to Yarn Speed Dating! This class provides a structured play session for knitters who are ready to explore. As a class we will each be paired with a special yarn. Each knitter will work a specially designed stitch sampler to run their yarn through its paces. We will knit vicariously through the needles and hands of others. We will end the class by reviewing our ‘dates’ and comparing them to other yarns, discovering their special strengths, the secret abilities and identifying their weaknesses. You could just have the best knit-fling ever, or discover the love of your knit life.

Crocheting Lace

Crochet LaceTeacher: Sofia Moers
Suitable for: Crocheters able to maintain even tension on the yarn and know the basic crochet stitches.

Originally crochet made an attempt at copying the designs of traditional bobbin and needle lace with fine cotton thread and very fine hooks.  In this class we’ll admire the heritage of crocheted lace and move it towards the contemporary.  We’ll use the basic crochet stitches and an easily memorised motif to create something delicate yet manageable in readily available laceweight yarn with a hook that isn’t so fine that it will break the skin.

The flower motif looks stunning in either normal laceweight yarn or mohair, you’ll be provided with tips to use either, as well as learning  a quick and simple method for joining your motifs.

Gauge Demystified

Teacher: Nanette Cormack
Suitable for: any knitter

Gauge is so important to the successful outcome of our knitting projects. Learn how to accurately measure your gauge and what to do if it doesn’t match what your pattern calls for. Never again will you need to adopt a “guess and hope” approach to your projects.

The Speedy SSK

The Speedy SSKTeacher: Morag McKenzie
Suitable for: any knitter

Left-leaning decreases are eternally discussed and revised by the knit-community. We’re all quite happy with the right-leaning standard (k2tog); it’s quick, easy and looks good. But left-leaning decrease options never seem to match up to k2tog in appearance or in speed and convenience. Come and learn my favourite practice for left-leaning decreases – it’s quick to work and is a good a match for K2tog.

The Icelandic Cast Off

Teacher: James Herbison
Suitable for: any knitter

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A little extra effort is required but this cast off delivers a neat and elastic edge. Ideal for lace projects where you want a lot of stretch to assist in the blocking.

Fix It

Teacher: Nanette Cormack
Suitable for: any knitter

Don’t rip back rows! Gain confidence and skills that enable you to fix minor mistakes quickly and easily. Learn how to quickly pick up a dropped stitch in stocking-stitch and garter fabrics.

Knits That Fit

Knits that fit
Teacher: Nikki Jones
Suitable for: all knitters who like to make garments – or who are thinking about starting!

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We all want to make garments that fit us well – so how do we work with knitting patterns that are designed for the imaginary ‘average’ body?

In this class we will learn how to assess a pattern’s construction and design. We’ll look at choosing the best yarn for a particular pattern, and then learn easy ways to modify a pattern to fit our own bodies.

We will make friends with the dreaded swatch, and work out how to choose the best size to start from – it’s not all about the bust!
Learn how to make modifications to make a great garment for you including:

  • Adjusting length
  • Adjusting ease in the bust, waist and hips
  • Different ways to add room in the bust
  • How to add cables or lace to a basic pattern

You’ll finish the class with many ideas for personalised modifications you can use for your next jumper or cardigan pattern.

Demystifying Shawl Shaping

Teacher: Brenda Green
Suitable for: confident beginner knitters and beyond, experience knitting on circular needles is helpful.

Do you want to unlock the secrets of of shawl shaping so you can design your own?

Explore 5 different shawl constructions in class. Learn how to place increases and decreases to control the structure of your shawl. You will finish with 5 mini prototype shawl swatches and have a new found confidence in shawl shaping.

I Stashed a Yarn and I Liked It

Speaker: Stella Lange
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Stash, a five letter word with a long and murky history. Dealer, pusher, enabler – the terms used by crafters when discussing how they acquire stash is remarkably similar to the words use by criminals to describe their drugs and loot. What does this mean and are crafters addicted?

This talk investigates why so many crafters accumulate materials beyond their immediate uses, and why crafters use criminal terminology to describe their stash. Is development of a stash a normal activity for crafters and a form of prudent financial planning for the future? Or is stashing a signal of a more worrying trend – Affluenza (“a painful, contagious, socially transmitted condition… a dogged pursuit of more”)? How is stashing different from hoarding, and at what stage should we worry for ourselves or the crafters around us? Without judging anyone, some guidelines for safe stashing are explored.

Talks are free for delegates to attend but seats are limited so please make sure you book a ticket as part of your registration to gain entry.

Colourwork For Lazy Knitters

Teacher: Frances Stachl
Suitable for: knitters who can cast on, knit, and purl.

This class provides a basic overview of Mosaic knitting, which I like to think of as being stranded knitting’s gentler cousin.

Mosaic knitting is a colourwork technique that differs from Fair Isle or stranded knitting in that it allows the knitter to work with only one strand of yarn at a time – making for a simpler less complicated knit. This class is perfect for the knitter who is not yet ready to try stranded knitting but who would like to begin experimenting with colourwork.

Adventures in Aran – An Introduction to Cables

Adventures in Aran - An Introduction to CablesTeacher: James Herbison
Suitable for: knitters who are comfortable with casting on, knit, and purl.

When I was in Ireland a few years back I bought a tea towel which features images of eleven Aran stitch patterns. I’ve long had a love of cabled knitting and the specific patterns featured on this tea towel are a great introduction to the technique.

In class you will learn to work three of the featured cable designs and become confident and comfortable with cabling. Students will be provided with instructions for all eleven of the Aran Knits tea towel patterns so that they can try them later in their own time. Swatches of all the stitch patterns will be available for the class.

Latvian Braid

Teacher: Nanette Cormack
Suitable for: intermediate knitters and beyond.
Learn this pretty, decorative two-colour braid. A gorgeous addition to your skill repertoire, ideal for use on cuffs and hems.

My Favourite Provisional Cast On

Teacher: Brenda Green
Suitable for: Beginners and beyond.

Lots of patterns and designs call for a provisional cast on that allows you to work from the cast-on stitches again later. There are many methods, but this is my favourite because it is reliable and straight-forward and fuss-free.

Don’t be put off by the crochet hook, this class will teach you exactly what to do with it, even if you haven’t used one before.

Solomon’s Knot

Solomon's KnotTeacher: Sofia Moers
Suitable for: Crocheters able to maintain even tension on the yarn and know the basic crochet stitches.

Quick, fun and romantic! The lacy Solomon’s knot crochet stitch can be learnt in a jiffy.   Learn how to make the stitch, start the first chain and continue with the pattern that this stitch is so well known for.  The class will help you understand the pattern of the stitch rows and get you started on making your own wrap or scarf, you’ll be keen to finish it before the night is through!

Knot and End-Free Yarn Joins

Knot and End-Free Yarn JoinsTeacher: Nanette Cormack
Suitable for: Any knitter.

Learn how to connect new yarn to a project without a knot or leaving ends to weave in.