Teaching at Unwind

Teaching at Unwind

There is presently no date for a future Unwind.

Do you have a passion for sharing your knowledge and skill with others? I’d be delighted to hear your class proposal if that is the case.

Regular Unwind class sizes are between 15 and 24. We have facility for a limited number of larger classes but it is important that the class size does not compromise the learning experience of our students.

Teachers are required to supply a handout to all their students. You are not encouraged to charge extra for any materials supplied. Instead allow your students to bring materials themselves. If very specialised items are required some exceptions can be made but this would need to considered very carefully.

Teachers are bound by the event code of conduct. It is vitally important that teachers can manage their teaching spaces effectively with the code in mind.

Teachers are paid per student basis. As of 2021, the pay rates were:

  • 3 hour classes: $50 per student
  • Skill shots: $10 per student

If you have a class proposal that you’d like me to consider, I invite you to submit it via the application form. Please submit a separate form for each proposal you wish to make.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me:
Morag McKenzie
Phone: 021 126 5587